A little bit..//





I painted this flowers almost a month ago and they were setting in my desk …mmm it’s just sometimes I painted and painted and can’t stop, I really enjoyed but the problem is then I have a bunch of drawings everywhere that I don’t with wich one I can start, so this week I’ll play with all them, promise!..and talking about ‘LAS AZULES’ I totally inspired in Rosales; in Mexico you see them almost in every garden and I miss that.

Nice Tuesday!

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Happy to be back


I’m little behind schedule…back from a really long vacations, christmas, new years eve, visiting family and my sister’s wedding, now I can call her SeƱora haha….I know is february already and I didn’t paint anything, the good news are that I full of inspiration, ready to see flowers, leaves, abstract shapes and dots everywhere. I’m just ready my newspaper “Pinterest” with my coffee and setting in front of my window looking a beautiful sunrise in Vancouver. I love when I’m looking Pinterest and by magic 8 pins fit perfectly together, time to paint !!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!